Well, this isn’t good

I came across this article today on the “Top 5 Most Regretted Majors”.

And here they are:

1. Anthropology (average starting salary: $36,500)

According to PayScale’s data, 35 percent of anthropology majors wouldn’t recommend it to current students.

“People typically regret majoring in anthropology because they have a preconceived notion that there is a direct and specific job title perfectly correlating to it,” says training and development consultant Farrah Parker. “Instead of recognizing the broad spectrum of careers that they can pursue, they focus on their inability to find a career with an exact reference to their major.”

Anthropology majors could consider work in community organizations or government, for example, or combine the major with others to make themselves more marketable.

2. History (average starting salary: $39,700)

This major is recommended by only 33 percent of its graduates. Many history majors go on to work in academia, or may find jobs with government agencies, libraries or organizations dedicated to the period they studied.

Parker says it’s important for graduates to keep their options open after graduation. “People with narrow definitions of career paths find themselves regretting majors,” she says. “However, those who recognize that the workforce is full of positions that require expertise outside of what may be formally listed in a course catalog find themselves in a perfect position to brand their college major in whatever manner they see fit.”

3. Visual Communication (average starting salary: $37,300)

4. Social Science (average starting salary: $37,300)

5. Journalism (average starting salary $38,100)

On the bright side, history has the highest starting salary out of the five majors listed (hopefully these salaries are for people with a bachelor’s degree, so when I get my master’s the pay would be higher), $3,200 more than those anthropologists get.


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