Progress report

This week’s blog is essentially a progress report on the project I will be working on for my Digital History class (History 511). So far I have made some progress, but I had to divert a lot of time and energy away from this project to work on other things (the main one being a book review I had to write for my History 501 class). My project is creating a virtual tour of Civil War monuments in Connecticut. I was able to find online a list of Civil War monuments in Connecticut which includes five Civil War Monuments in Middletown. I am also considering whether or not I should include the General Mansfield House (which is also the headquarters of the Middlesex County Historical Society) in the tour. The main source I have found so far is David Ransom’s study, available online at the website of the Connecticut Historical Society. I have also found some information about the Wesleyan Memorial Chapel (one of the sites mentioned in Ransom’s list), which was built in honor of Wesleyan alumni who had died in the Civil War, from Wesleyan’s website. I have also e-mailed Wesleyan’s office of Events and Scheduling to ask them about the possibility of me visiting the chapel and maybe taking some pictures (Wesleyan’s website mentions that there are weekly services at the chapel as well as university events. I’m hoping that there may be times where it is open to the public but nothing is really going on). I was also able to find out that Wesleyan’s Olin Library does have some documents related to the Memorial Chapel, so I will have to contact them about that in a bit to see if I can possibly access some of those documents.

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